State of the Art Laboratory Headquarters Building

14200 Shady Grove Road Rockville , MD 20850
  • Property Size (ft2): 657,414

State of the Art Laboratory Headquarters Building - Life Sciences for lease

  • Type: Life Sciences
  • Deal type: Lease
  • Space Available (ft2): 657,414
  • Price ($USD): Contact Us

State of the Art Laboratory Headquarters Building
(Office / Lab / cGMP Manufacturing & Vivarium)

• Three building complex totaling 657,414 RSF consisting of:
• Office space for administrative and drug development functions
• State-of-the-art cGMP bulk manufacturing facilities, suitable for clinical and commercial production with capacity
of two trains from 25L or 50L up to 1,600 L (i.e. total capacity up to 3,200L), Mammalian Drug Development Cell
Culture 20L through 400L capacity and Purification suites, Microbial Drug Development Fermentation 25L
through 250L capacity and Purification Suites, Analytical Laboratories and Vivarium
• Conference facilities, cafeteria, fitness center, data center and board room
• Each building has a loading dock and freight elevator.
• Detached six-story parking garage with 853 spaces. Adjacent paved oversized vehicle parking area with 39
spaces. Paved visitor parking area with 56 spaces
• Slab to slab ceiling heights, all Wings = 15’ except Wing A Cellar slab to slab height = 21’. Finished floor to ceiling
heights, all Wings = 9’ except Wing A First Floor = 10’ or greater
• VIVARIUM: 7 Animal Holding rooms, 3 Procedure rooms, 12 Innovive Mouse Racks (total capacity 1936 cages;
9680 mice if housed 5 per cage) and 2 Innovive Rat Racks (total capacity 160 cages)
• Utilities including WFI (Water for Injection), WPU (Purified Water), N2 (Nitrogen), O2 (Oxygen), CO2 (Carbon
Dioxide), Vacuum, Clean Steam, UPS and Emergency Power available

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