Senior Associate


+1 214 438 6394

​Current Responsibilities
As a member of Jones Lang LaSalle’s industrial team, Mr. Phelps is responsible for developing new business relationships, lease negotiation and documentation for corporate users. Mr. Phelps brings strong analytical and market knowledge to the facilities planning, relocation, and renegotiation process.
The following are a select number of clients Mr. Phelps has worked with since joining the firm:
• Paragon Distribution
• Direct TV
• KCS Rail
• Milestone Distributors
• Remotely Piloted Solutions
• Walgreens
• Unser Racing
• Graebel Movers
Prior to joining Jones Lang LaSalle, Craig spent the last seven years with the leading Viking appliance distributor in the United States.  During that time at Milestone Distributors Craig was able to take the company into new areas that greatly increased sales.  His approach changed how luxury distributors viewed e-commerce and allowed Craig to develop relationships with some of the biggest names in the business.  Hayneedle, Wayfair, ATG Stores, and Shoppers Choice were all new wins for the company and Craig maintains those relationships to this day. 
Bachelor of Arts - Political Science - Texas A&M University, 2001, University of Barcelona 2000

• Texas A&M Football Player Alumni Association
• Texas A&M Corps of Cadets Alumni Association
• CIS Mentor Program
• Eagle Scouts of America
• Urban Land Institute, member
• The Real Estate Council, member
• Usher, Church of the Incarnation