The Benefits of Working Green in the Workplace


Nowadays, going green in the office isn’t just about being kind to Mother Nature. It’s also a way to help improve employee productivity. While printing less paper should surely be a priority when considering green initiatives, something as simple as updated lighting can save energy and help with eyestrain.

“Greening” provides cost-effective opportunities for businesses through features like energy-saving systems and materials. However, not every business can control the building they work in and not every building is green. I’m looking at you, pre-war NYC and Chicago buildings. That being said, if a building cannot be green then at least its employees can. Here are a few points to consider when trying to go green in the office.

Minor Improvements Can Make a Big Difference

Lighting: Updating your lighting system can be an excellent way to help overall employee satisfaction. As everyone is usually staring at a computer monitor most of the day, being able to have better lighting helps with eyestrain and headaches. Moreover, as important as good lighting is, it is also crucial for employees to shut off the lights when leaving for the day.

Energy: In addition to shutting off the lights, it is also good practice to turn off the computer once the workday has ended. Leaving a computer on standby draws additional power and wastes valuable energy. The type of computer is important too. For example, a 30W LCD notebook screen uses around 80{2cf5ea3f3f1a4addf69b838d2cc9fbb77b058af7574559b55224ca98520456e0} less energy than the desktop equivalent. Even with an external monitor, the savings are well over 50{2cf5ea3f3f1a4addf69b838d2cc9fbb77b058af7574559b55224ca98520456e0}.

Printing: When everything is online or in email, it is important to think twice about printing. Some businesses have employees include signature blocks with a note about considering the environment before printing. Even unplugging unused printers can help save energy.

Productivity Levels on the Rise
Beyond the benefits to the environment and your bottom line, studies show productivity goes up when companies go green.

Measurable Productivity Gains