Patagonia Virgin Frutillar
Camino Punta Larga 1890 - Patagonia Frutillar

Patagonia Virgin Frutillar - alternatives for sale

120 - 180 m2
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Patagonia Virgin is the first real estate low density development inserted in the Chilean Patagonia. Confortable apartments in town houses located in Llanquihue Lake, at the Frutillar Bay. The apartments are next to the first nicklause design golf court, sorrounded by an outstanding landscape in a native reserve.

The project contemplates the development of hotels, commercial villages, parks and gardens with extense views of the lake and Osorno´s, Punteagudo´s, Tronador´s and Calbucos´s famous volcanous.


restaurants, docks, golf court, tennis court, trecking activities, heliport, others.

Patagonia Virgin Frutillar - alternatives for sale

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