1411 Peel St

1411 Peel St Montreal , Quebec H3A 1S5

1411 Peel St - Prix au détail à louer

  • Type: Au détail
  • Mandat: Location
  • Espace disponible (pi2): 682 - 701
  • Prix ($CAD): Communiquez avec nous

1411 Peel Street is a multi-level all glass retailspace
and virtual billboard.

Peel Street is one of the most heavily trafficked and
glamourous streets in downtown Montreal.

Two storey (682 sq ft + 701 sq ft) all glass premises
with 50’ of window frontage oneach level. Also
available are 1,654 sq ft at Metro level offering a
direct access to the Underground City.

Located next to Harry Rosen and many other boutique
retailers and restaurants. 1411 Peel Street is a unique
opportunity for a luxury goods and high street retail
brand to plant its flag in Montreal.

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