Ed. Miami Center

Rua São Carlos Do Pinhal, 696 São Paulo , SP 01333-001

Ed. Miami Center - Office for sale/lease

  • Tipo: Escritório
  • Tipo de oportunidade: Venda/locação
  • Espaço disponível (m2): 61 - 990
  • Preço (R$BRL): Entre em contato

The Ed. Miami Center has 990 m² that can be divided in 3 available spaces with 330 m² of private area, owning flexibility of division in up to 3 sets. It is located a few meters from Paulista Avenue,  Brigadeiro Luiz Antônio Avenue and the subway station Trianon-Masp. In its surroundings there are several restaurants, hotels, banks, malls, colleges and it's close to the MASP museum

CRECI: 25162J.


  • 3 parking spaces per floor
  • Lamps
  • Central air conditioning
  • Plaster Liner
  • Common Power Generator
  • Carpet floor with linear channel drain

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