Terreno em Hortolândia

Jornalista Francisco Aguirre Proença s/n - SP Hortolândia , SP 

Terreno em Hortolândia - Land for sale

  • Tipo: Terreno
  • Tipo de oportunidade: Venda/Compra
  • Espaço disponível (m2): 4.447
  • Preço (R$BRL): Entre em contato

Land for sale in Hortolândia.
CRECI: 25162J


  • Area of ~ 4,447 m²
  • Ideal for retail, hotels and gas stations and convenience
  • Investment Opportunity for Commercial Development
  • The property has direct access from the Campinas - Monte Mor highway
  • Neighbor to Tech Town, which currently has a fixed population of almost 6,500 people