Ed. Cardoso de Melo 90

Avenida Doutor Cardoso de Melo, 90 - SP São Paulo , SP 

Ed. Cardoso de Melo 90 - Office for lease

  • Tipo: Escritório
  • Tipo de oportunidade: Locação
  • Espaço disponível (m2): 4.500
  • Preço (R$BRL): Entre em contato

Single-unit building developed for companies that seek individuality and highlight their headquarters.
With 4,500 m² divided into 5 office decks and 2 basements. It has a good and modern infrastructure, providing comfort and practicality to its users. Located near the Santo Amaro and Bandeirantes avenues, the property has easy access and a good range of services nearby.es.

CRECI: 25162J


  • Area of 4,500 m²
  • Generator to service all areas of the building
  • Central air conditioning
  • Raised floor: 12 cm
  • Modular lining with acoustic treatment

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