Ed. West Side

Alameda Tocantins, 125 Barueri , SP 

Ed. West Side - Escritório para locação

  • Tipo: Escritório
  • Tipo de oportunidade: Locação
  • Espaço disponível (m2): 325
  • Preço (R$BRL): Entre em contato

Commercial building on Ed West Side, 35-story corporate building, modern facade and complete infrastructure for its occupants. The property is located in Alphaville, with a wide range of services and with easy access to Castelo Branco Highway.

CRECI: 25162J


  • Area of the set of 325 m²
  • Non-central air conditioning (Self) with distribution
  • Raised floor with metal frame
  • Modular lining
  • Parking with 14 parking spaces per floor
  • Terrace and Garden