Ed. Vera Cruz II

Av. Brig. Faria Lima, 4.285 - SP São Paulo , SP 

Ed. Vera Cruz II - Escritório para locação

  • Tipo: Escritório
  • Tipo de oportunidade: Locação
  • Espaço disponível (m2): 9.000 - 14.404
  • Preço (R$BRL): Entre em contato

Each step of the Vera Cruz II development process had as compass the concern with the conditions related to the human health and environmental preservation. This brings the first pre-certified LEED for Core & Shell Platinum level in the region. The representative seal of the US Green Building Council considers high energy efficiency, environmental quality to work, water reuse, use of sustainable materials, sustainability and natural and humanized landscaping. In line with trends in a city like São Paulo and your new profile mobility, the Vera Cruz II has parking spaces reserved for electric vehicles and / or hybrid and a large bike rack with locker room.

CRECI: 25162J


  • Delivery: March / 2015
  • Ceiling height: 3m
  • 11 floors
  • Prepared for: high floor, modular lining and central air conditioning
  • 44 spaces per floor
  • Generator for common area and private
  • LEED certification

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