Gran Floridian Jaguariúna

Rodovia Campinas, km 135 Jaguariúna , SP 13820000

Gran Floridian Jaguariúna - Industrial for lease

  • Type: Industrial
  • Deal type: Lease
  • Space Available (m2): 36.600
  • Price (R$BRL): Contact Us

The Gran Floridian Jaguariúna is strategically located in Km 135 of the Governor Highway Dr. Adhemar Pereira de Barros.

With a high construction standard, the development offers the most modern logistic sheds such as 12.35 meters (center) right foot, 6 tons per square meter floor, heat treated roof, Docks, J4 Sprinkler System, between other details that make it the best shed in the region.

CRECI: 25162J



  • Shed of 36.600 thousand sqm divided into 12 modules of 3,050 sqm
  • Distance between pillars 20.00m X 20.00m;
  • Ordinance
  • Administrative building
  • Refectory
  • Private parking lot with 119 parking spaces
  • Metal insulation with thermal insulation
  • J4 Sprinkler System


  • Polished concrete floor dimensioned to withstand at least uniformly distributed load 6.00 tf / m² and punctual load: 4 tf (support of pallet structure), linear load: 1,5 tf / m (masonry on floor)
  • Ample Patio of maneuvers
  • Mezzanines
  • Right foot as per table below