Multivias II Polo Industrial e logístico
​Rodovia Dom Gabriel Paulino Bueno Couto, s/n - SP Jundiaí

Multivias II Polo Industrial e logístico - industrial for sale/lease

3.000 - 50.000 m2
Industrial Sale/Lease
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The Allotment Multivias Polo Industrial e Logístico is one of the largest industrial enterprises of the State of São Paulo, with about 1.5 million m². A unique project throughout the region, offering the best infrastructure and a number of unique advantages for your business.

CRECI: 25162J


  • Wide and tough road system for heavy and heavy traffic, connections to the most important routes of the country (Rod Bandeirantes, Anhanguera, Dom Pedro Castelo Branco)
  • Complete network of street lighting and green areas
  • Natural gas and optical fiber by simple request to the dealer and / or provider
  • Complete network of water supply of drinking water with reservoir 1 million liters, distributed throughout the enterprise
  • Sewage catchment network directed to a public station, with 100% of collected sewage treated
  • Drainage system to capture rainwater, with 1,700,000 liters for water retention reservoirs
  • Stunning natural landscape and facing the Serra do Japi
  • Allotment closed with all its fenced perimeter, people and vehicle access control through an armored concierge beyond the security team

Multivias II Polo Industrial e logístico - industrial for sale/lease

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