Land in Goianópolis - Goiás

BR 153, 1110 - GO Goianópolis , GO 

Land in Goianópolis - Goiás - Land for sale

  • Type: Land
  • Deal type: Sale / Purchase
  • Space Available (m2): 76.194
  • Price (R$BRL): Contact Us

Land with front to the BR 153, in the route Goiânia / Anápolis, whose stretch is also part of Belém-Brasilia. It is part of the Goiânia / Anápolis / Brasilia axis. Near the entrance of the DAIA -  Distrito Agroindustrial de Anápolis, where more than 100 companies are installed, among them the largest laboratories in the country, as well as a Hyundai factory. In DAIA, a Dry Port already operates and, in the process of completion, the Cargas Airport, which characterizes the region as one of the most important logistics centers in the country.

CRECI: 25162J 


  • 12 km from Anápolis
  • 6km from DAIA