DVR Caçapava
Br 101, nº 134 - SP Caçapava

DVR Caçapava - industrial for lease

3.855 - 12.000 m2
Industrial Lease
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Condominium with 22 modules sheds, which can be used individually or combined, providing flexibility for your business.

CRECI: 25162J


  • 12 meters ceiling height average
  • Laser level ground with resistance 6 ton / m²
  • Natural lighting
  • Column spacing of 22,5m x 25,25m (optimized for rack)
  • Total area of ​​land: 324.000m +
  • Fire protection system developed according to the standards and specifications of Fire São Paulo body, composed of hydrant network, fire extinguishers and sprinklers (risk classification J4)
  • private places for cars and large docks for trucks
  • Lighting with sodium vapor lamps 400W
  • Construction system: external lock on concrete block with a height of 3.60 m, side closing in metal tile (Medabil) and cover in galvanized zipped metallic tiles with thermo-acoustic insulation (Medabil)
  • Ordinance armored and security systems throughout the enterprise
  • Common parking with 293 spaces for cars and 103 spaces for trucks
  • Support structure with administrative and security with forecast for the meeting room and outpatient
  • Streets with space for large wagon maneuver
  • Locker rooms
  • Dining hall for 256 people per shift
  • support structure for drivers
  • Quality Construction: WTorre Engineering.

DVR Caçapava - industrial for lease

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