Braslog Sorocaba
Avenida Antonio Bardella, 2650 – SP São Paulo

Braslog Sorocaba - industrial for lease

1.833 - 44.000 m2
Industrial Lease
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The Braslog Sorocaba condo is strategically located at the entrance of the city of Sorocaba, it was developed with the highest construction levels to a shed Class AA. It was considered from the security and functional structure of the business community to operational functioning details of each house so that businesses, regardless of size or segment, can have their administrative and operational structure working with all the ease that a company needs nowadays.

CRECI: 25162J


  • Ceiling height of 12.80 meters
  • Two docks for shed
  • Sheds with three-phase power input with 2,300 kVA with forecast to increase up to 5,000 kVA, sheds with three-phase power 83kVA, 380-220 volts
  • Distance from the gap between pillars 20 meters x 20 meters
  • Cross ventilation 6 air changes per hour
  • Overhead natural lighting, designed to ensure comfort and save energy during the day
  • Electric shed lighting with metal halide lamps 400W
  • Clausura trucks and cars with tire disruptive
  • Parking for 63 trucks
  • Parking 19 rotating seats per car module totaling 456 vacancies
  • Guest parking
  • Motorcycle parking
  • Male and female bathrooms and lockers

Braslog Sorocaba - industrial for lease

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