Ed. Lead Office

Rua Professor Attilio Inocenti, 474 - SP São Paulo , SP 

Ed. Lead Office - office for lease

  • Type: Office
  • Deal type: Lease
  • Space available (m2): 42 - 5.914
  • Price (R$BRL): Contact us

Building with easy access to the avenues Brigadeiro Faria Lima, Hélio Pellegrino and tunnel Ayrton Senna, as well as the Pinheiros and Tietê marginals. Area complete with trade infrastructure, services, leisure and hotels. It is also worth noting the easy access to public transportation.

CRECI: 25162J


  • Delivery: April / 2015
  • 12 floors
  • Modular liner
  • Raised floor
  • 4 lifts
  • 1 space per set

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