Ed. Academia Nacional de Medicina

Avenida General Justo, 300 - RJ Rio de Janeiro , RJ 

Ed. Academia Nacional de Medicina - Office for lease

  • Type: Office
  • Deal type: Lease
  • Space Available (m2): 345 - 1.747
  • Price (R$BRL): Contact Us

The building Alvaro Cumplido de Sant'anna, headquarters of the Academia Nacional de Medicina won a major revitalization project that brings modern facilities for one of the traditional buildings of the city center: Facade renovation, forecast raised floors and ceilings, security, technology , flexible pavements and more. All within high requirements of modern construction.

CRECI: 6736J


  • Security Center and building automation
  • Monitoring the main access
  • Renewal of existing elevators and 3 new
  • Forecast for power generator for common areas
  • Ar conditioning with operating possibility 24h
  • Advanced system of prevention and fire fighting
  • Security with pressurized ladder
  • Sprinkler network installatio
  • Forecast for private area
  • High floor forecast 10 cm / ceiling height of 2.50 m