DVR Business Park Porto Feliz
Rodovia Castelo Branco, 3 - SP Porto Feliz

DVR Business Park Porto Feliz - industrial for lease

3.505 - 78.048 m2
Industrial Lease
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Condominium with 18 sheds units that can be used individually or in combination, including the cross-docking mode, providing flexibility for your business.

CRECI: 25162J


  • Average ceiling height of 14.00 m
  • Floor laser level concrete with strength of 6 tons / m²
  • natural lighting
  • Distance from the gap between pillars of 22,5m x 20,00m
  • Fire protection system developed according to the standards and specifications of Fire São Paulo body, composed of hydrant network, fire extinguishers and sprinklers (risk classification J4)
  • Private spaces for cars and trucks
  • High docks for trucks
  • Lighting with fluorescent lamps 4x50W / 220V for high ceilings
  • Modules A1 and A6: electric load of 150 kVA each house
  • Modules A2, A3, and Building B: electric charge of each shed 75 kVA
  • Construction system: external lock on concrete block with a height of 3.60 m, side closing in metal tile and cover in galvanized zipped metallic tiles with thermo-acoustic insulation (Medabil)
  • Total land area: 480,000 m H
  • Ordinance armored and security systems throughout the enterprise
  • 302 parking spaces for trucks (with 186 docks)
  • 382 parking spaces for cars
  • Water supply system through underground pit
  • Parking for visitors and waiting trucks
  • Support structure with administrative and security with forecast for clinic
  • Streets with space for large wagon maneuver
  • Bathrooms and men's locker
  • Dining hall for 486 people per shift
  • Emergency generator to function "safety" of fire system, booster pumps, water pressurization system, ETE and external area of ​​lighting
  • Support structure for drivers
  • Quality Construction: WTorre Engineering

DVR Business Park Porto Feliz - industrial for lease

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