Centro Empresarial Cidade Nova (Teleporto)
Av. Presidente Vargas 3.131 - RJ Rio de Janeiro

Centro Empresarial Cidade Nova (Teleporto) - office for lease

253 - 1.150 m2
Office Lease
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The Building Centro Empresarial Cidade nova, located in the Cidade Nova area, a new development center in Rio, has available for rent a commercial leasable floor area of 2309,86 m² with availability of 9 parking spaces. It is located 500 meters from the Metro station Cidade Nova and 950 meters from the Estacio Metro station.

CRECI: 6736J


  • System of supply of electricity of the common parts.
  • Generator sets for common areas and partial lighting of commercial space.
  • Battery bank with 1 hour autonomy.
  • Electronic system grounding, electrical and lightning rod.
  • Central air conditioning system.
  • Cold water circulation 24 hours / day.
  • Automatic operation of the air conditioning systems, electrical, hydraulic and health, access, detection and fire alarm and elevators.
  • Property security and fire with permanent brigade.
  • CCTV system with control and recording of internal and external images for 24 hours, all cameras.
  • 17 smart elevators with a capacity of 18 people each. 
  • 01 180 KVA generator at 220 V.

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Centro Empresarial Cidade Nova (Teleporto) - office for lease

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