Ed. Torre da Glória
Rua Da Glória, 178 - RJ Rio de Janeiro

Ed. Torre da Glória - office for lease

400 - 9.461 m2
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The building at Rua da Glória No. 178, has a total built area of 9.461,37 m² and private approximately 5,400 m², divided between the 1st and the 14th floor. The property features 3 garage floors and PUC (common use of pavement), with approximately 2,000 m² of office area. The Glória neighborhood is typically inhabited by middle-class families and has excellent growth potential and development. Being located in a strategic region, it provides easy access to major areas of the city, particularly in the South Zone and Center. The property is close to the Glória subway station and is served by several bus lines, as well as being close to a full trade structure and services.

CRECI: 6736J 


  • Total area: 9.461,37m²
  • Private area: approx. 5.400m² (between the 1st and 14th floor)
  • Private area of 2,000m² (3-storey garage + common use of pavement)
  • Slab area: 400 m²
  • Ceiling height: 2.5 m
  • Air conditioning: Central - Chiller
  • Access control on the floors
  • Security system
  • Raised floor

Ed. Torre da Glória - office for lease

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